Decentralized wastewater treatment
with telemetric control system


Project intent

The project aimed to design and develop a system of decentralized wastewater treatment using small (domestic and group) sewage treatment plants equipped with telemetry and allowing remote monitoring and control.

The subject of the project was research in the field of suitable WWTPs and possibilities of permanent monitoring of their operational properties and statuses. Design and development of their sensors and sensors for these purposes and design of their monitoring and control system (M&R) including local control modules with on-line remote control and reading data using different types of networks and technologies.

  • Implementation period: 2008 – 2010

  • Identification: FT-TA5/012

  • Program: MPO CR – TANDEM

  • Project role: Responsible investigator

Project results

The applied result of the project solution was the design of a comprehensive Enceladus system, consisting mainly of:

  • defined sensor assemblies for measuring operational parameters and monitoring of WWTP statuses
  • I/O Module of WWTP for connecting sensors and other devices
  • module for connection of electronic water meters
  • various communication modules for data communication (networking and systems)
  • Enceladus surveillance software with GIS support