Multifunctional bidirectional communication technology
for warning the population


Project intent

The project dealt with the development of a complex modular bidirectional communication technology that would allow the construction of single-level and multi-level networks for voice communication, data collection, and transmission of signals and signals for warning and notification of the population in crisis situations.

The subject of the project was research in the field of hardware for building two-way radio networks, including retranslation, security of wireless audio and data transmission, integration of software equipment, integration of other external devices (e.g., sensors), alternative warnings and notifications, e.g. for the hearing impaired, e.g. via SMS, light LED panels, etc.).

  • Implementation period: 2006 – 2009
  • Identification: FT-TA3/001
  • Program: MPO CR – TANDEM
  • Project role: Responsible investigator

Project results

The applied result of the project solution was the design of a complex multifunctional DOMINO® II technology, including in particular the following types:

  • transmitters, control panels and switchboards
  • unidirectional and bidirectional receivers, including so-called echo spots
  • GSM and other types of communicators
  • alarms, LED lights, sensors, and other devices
  • related modules such as audio amplifiers, power sources, battery rechargers, etc.

Part of the whole technology is the surveillance SW of the Information and Warning System (IVVS) with GIS support and outputs for crisis management.

The hardware part of the technology is protected by a utility model.