Container technology for industrial wastewater treatment

MPO CR – TIP (FR-TI4/254)

Project intent

The project dealt with the development of an effective, comprehensive biological treatment technology that will remove high-efficiency nitrogen (industrial) wastewater pollution with minimal investment and operating costs.

The intended solution was the use of immobilized cultures – so-called biocatalysts based on immobilized selective biodegradable microorganisms and enzymes, which enable better economic parameters to be achieved while attaining high efficiencies, mainly due to lower reaction volumes, shorter residence times, increased the stability of biodegradation activities, increased tolerance to pollutants, etc.

  • Implementation period: 2012 – 2015

  • Identification: FR-TI4/254

  • Project role: Responsible investigator

Project results

The project resulted in the design and implementation of a container unit for wastewater treatment and the related monitoring and control system (M&R), including a surveillance SW. The unit uses nitrification and “deamonification” processes – it combines the process of CANON, nitrification and anammox bacteria immobilized to a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) matrix (so-called Lentikats Biocatalyzer). The operation of the facility has been verified as part of a pilot plant; a utility model protects the technological design of the unit.