Safety of mobile devices and communications

TA CR – Delta (TF01000091)

Project intent

The project dealt with application development to secure communication between users and organizations and protect sensitive data stored on mobile devices.

The subject of the project solution was solving the security of everyday use of mobile devices (text, voice and video communication) against the interception and leakage of information and data, using innovative and unconventional methods and cryptographic algorithms (chaos-based encryption, steganography support, emotion recognition, etc.).

  • Implementation period: 2015 – 2017

  • Identification: TF01000091

  • Program: TA CR – Delta

  • Project role: Team member

Project results

The resulting solution for the project was the Chimeras security software for iOS, Android, and MS Windows platforms, enabling the following features in particular:

  • making encrypted calls (calls) between two or more users
  • sending encrypted messages to one or more recipients
  • secure file sharing among users in an encrypted channel
  • creating secure repositories for all user data (documents, pictures, videos, contacts, and other personal data, backups, etc.)
  • creating internal security rules to detect and address instances of unwanted access to protected data from other devices and systems
  • control access to resources and user privileges to meet the needs of organizations and large businesses